The business of HARNEET FILTERS COMPANY” is filters, oil, Air, Fuel & Hydraulic Filters in Trade Mark “HFC FILTERS”. They come in all shapes & sizes ranging from very small size fuel filters to heavy duty air filters.

The ability to deliver product of consistently high quality. When & where they are needed critical to our customers. So we decided long ago that we wanted to be at the 98-99% level day in and day out. Everything we do is geared to achieving it.

The real value of “HFC FILTERS” is that it offers the best protection for your engine that money- can buy. Better protection means longer engine life and a greater return on your vehicle or equipment investment. “HFC FILTERS” are second to none in quality, performance, life and precision fit. Every filter manufacture by us is carefully tested on the manufacturing line to assure leak proof performance. Every HFC fuel filters, cartridge pf spin-on is engineered and manufactured to the strictest OEM specifications for protection of sensitive fuel systems.

HFC heavy duty filters are preventive maintenance tools. A filters real value is to reduce wear, extend the life of engine systems and to minimize maintenance costs. Dirt is the number on enemy of a diesel engine and the filters job to capture and hold out DIRT (is any particulate of soluble matter that is out of place) in the life line of an engine. Water in the cooling system is not dirt but water in the fuel, air, or lube system DIRT . Our filters are better maintenance tools reducing wear more and extending parts life further. HFC FILTERS” are designed and built for the specific engine system it is assigned to protect.

HFC lube & Fuel Filters are engineered to remove the high abrasive dirt from the oil and fuel, there by decreasing wear and allowing extended parts life while affording reasonable filter life.

HFC air filters too remove a maximum amount of dirt from intake air. HFC air cleaners are 99.9 plus percent efficient at blocking all dirt from entering the engine’s air intake manifold. Filter element should be changed or Inspected when there is excessive resistance that will restrict air flow to the engine’s combustion system.


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