Fuel Filters (Diesel)

In case of diesel engines, the need for effective diesel fuel filtration is essential to protect the highly sophisticated fuel pump and injection equipment. Fine and Coarse filters are needed to keep fuel flowing under the toughest conditions. The most damaging contaminants to fuel injection system are abrasive particles. The critical areas for wear in the pump are delivery valve and pumping elements.

Water as well as dirt can be present in diesel fuel and this can have very disastrous effect on fuel injection pump.

HFC diesel fuel filters are designed to remove all the contaminants from fuel. All the fuel must pass through the filter before it goes to fuel injection system.

HFC Diesel Fuel Filters are available as:

• Coarse and Fine Diesel Fuel Filters
• Coil Type Fuel Filters
• Spin On Diesel Filters




Fuel Filters (Gasoline/ Petrol)

Contaminants in engine fuel can clog the drilled or cored passages in carburetor, upsetting their metering performance, causing loss of power, poor engine starting, damaged exhaust valves etc. Dirt, rust, scales and water are the major impurities present in fuel. The main cause of fuel contamination is corrosion or deterioration of inner surface of the tank itself.

The fuel filters are essential in helping to protect fuel system from contaminants. All the fuel that enters the carburetor must pass through fuel filters.

HFC fuel filters with their high quality and efficiency ensure long and trouble-free engine life. It is far easier and cost effective to replace periodically a fuel filter than to clean and repair the whole fuel system.

HFC In-line Fuel filters are available as:

• Plastic in-line filters
• Metallic in-line filters


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