“HFC FILTERS” offer a full range of products, constantly developing to meet and anticipates. Market demands. Experience, modern machinery. Continuous research and top qualified technicians guarantee the complete reliability of “HFC Filters” complying in full with all international quality and performance norms issued by the vehicle and engine manufacture.

Total quality is assured by the application of high performance know how to the production processes.
“HFC FILTERS ” are made from the best quality materials and are tested in every part at every stage of production, to ensure that their use even in the harshest condition is risk-free.

The meticulous planning and top class materials which “HARNEET FILTERS COMPANY” bring to the production of “HFC Filters” are the bases from which it easily reaches the quality standards required by vehicle manufactures.

Among all other materials the filtration materials, the filtration elements are the ones that’s make the main difference, these are made of compound of natural and synthetic fibers subjected to high-tech process to allow a filtration of up to 5 microns and a long period of use.

“HFC FILTERS” are designed to meet specific requirements and are quality proven in laboratory and field testing performance efficiency is assured between recommended change intervals.

“HFC FILTERS” ensures perfect purification, increase fuel efficiency help in pollution control, ensures full life span of engine, provides smooth running of the vehicle and reduce maintenance costs.

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